It took me a few months, but I finally found a (fatal?) flaw in Facebook.  Up to now I have been somewhat awestricken by how smoothly and efficiently the system functions.  Earlier today, however, a member of our UM Council for Disability Concerns pointed out that the Council’s Facebook site was closed to all except UM affiliates.  We are a welcoming group, eager to have community members join us, so obviously this could not stand; consequently, I volunteered immediately to look into the situation.

Here is what I discovered:  “Facebook does not allow you to change network-specific groups into global groups. In order for a group to be open to all networks, you must specify that its network is “Global” when you first create it. Unfortunately, if you currently have a group that you would like to make global, it will have to be recreated. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

There were 32 screens full of protests about this situation, but no indication of any promise to remedy it.

So starting all over and creating a group that is global, even with our small membership of 26 does not seem like something that would be a priority right now. There should be a better way.