I have continued to ponder the blog-o-sphere. Last night on BBC World Service, there was an interview with a journalist who protested that blogging is not journalism. Just because a person has something to say and posts it, does not entitle that individual to be considered a reporter, this interviewee stated. That may be the case; however, in an op/ed piece in today’s (1/18/09) NYT “Horatio Alger Relocates to a Mumbai Slum,” Anan Giridharadas points out thst the social is back in politics, that whereas a decade or so ago, Americans were said to be “bowling alone,” now there has been “a neo-Tocquevillean flowering online, of Wikipedia editors, Twitterers, and bloggers, an unpaid army stirred by that ancient impulse to blow in larger currents.” My feeling about the burgeoning blog trend is that this is a wonderful new era and I love it. I have always enjoyed reading “Letters to the Editor” and have considered them to often be the most interesting section of the daily newspaper. Now, I can wallow in blogs as if they were lengthy “letters”, thus keeping current with events and other people’s perspectives on them and skip “the straight news” entirely if I want to.