Okay, I know that Facebook is far from being a new topic of discussion or an emerging technology in the social networking arena. We are all familiar with it–have at least heard of it–and many of us use it on a regular, irregular or even constant basis. My stance on Facebook is that I am glad I signed on, despite the fact I did so only under a certain amount of protest with an underlying element of hesitation. I enrolled in Facebook originally to give some exposure to my favorite campus organization, the UM Council for Disability Concerns. Well, that didn’t take, and only 17 members, when lightly pressured, half-heartedly joined last year, and I don’t think that any have visited the site since. However, I have, fairly often, and I am glad that I can. Facebook, to me, is logical and easy to use. Contrary to its name, it isn’t “in your face” with all kinds of pressures and complications. If you want to look at unusual facets and new applications, you can check those out, but if you want to keep things simple (and I usually do), you can stick to updating your own profile status or check out what your friends have been doing lately, including taking in any witty sayings they have jotted down for posterity. You can even send a pot of flowers, a message, or a poke (although originally I hesitated with the latter because it did not sound very friendly when I first saw the term). But by and large, it is the friendliness of Facebook that appeals to me most, I guess. I find out little things about people, and they are generally good things–hobbies, charitable interests, abilities, kookiness of a gentle sort. And those little things make the person seem closer to me, whether or not I see him or her regularly and whether or not he or she is really a “friend” or just an acquaintance. Summing up, this morning someone I know from seeing her at the YMCA asked me to acquaint her with the basics of social networking, and I quickly and enthusiastically agreed, figuring that what she should start out with is an invitation to join Facebook!