The first day in the office after a holiday break is easier than after a vacation of any duration. During vacations, your colleagues have an opportunity to overflow your email inbox and pile your undefended desk three deep in paper. Most of the influx stops or slows at the holidays, at least the major ones such as Thanksgiving, so that returning to campus means the snow is a greater danger than the paperwork.
We’re having some interesting discussions in Librarian’s Forum about the future of libraries and librarianship, and what that means for professional education, competencies, and life-long learning. The blog linked above continues a discussion which began at last week’s in-person meeting.
That discussion meshes nicely with the theme of the Medical Library Association’s 2008 Annual Meeting. Connections:BridgingtheGaps. The preliminary program is going to press shortly and once it’s officially published I’ll begin to blog here about some of my thinking about the meeting and its planning. You’ll want to follow the official conference blog, too, for news and announcements.