HSL Staff Blog: New wrinkle in medical publishing–online ads
As my colleague, Anna Ercoli Schnitzner, blogged on our HSL staff blog and as was widely reported in the NY Times and elsewhere, Elsevier is piloting advertising-funded open access to a subset of Science Direct, the oncology journals. I find it ironic that I learned of this the same day as the AAP announced its PRISM initiative.
I’m not going to respond at length to PRISM – Peter Suber has already done that more than adequately, and it’s generated a great deal of comment in the biblioblogosphere. I’m just amazed that AAP is essentially choosing to follow the RIAA and MPAA approach which could be described as “the beatings (aka subpoenas) will continue until morale improves.” Does anyone remember the definition of insanity?
As for Elsevier, I cynically assume that this is a self-interested move on their part, but so what? It’s an experiment worth trying. Whether it works, and if it does how it will impact medical libraries or libraries in general remains to be seen. But I’m optimistic that it’s not the “killer app” that’s going to put us out of business.