HSL Staff Blog
Although all staff members have the opportunity to create a personal blog, and several have taken advantage of it, we also have team blog efforts. The HSL staff blog is shared by everyone who works here, and is open to comments from all. It’s designed to be primarily a communications vehicle for the staff, but is consciously in public space because many of the items blogged are of interest to a wider audience.
There is also the official HSL news blog, designed for our constituents. Those entries are displayed on the libraries web page at http://lib.umich.edu/taubman/.
We don’t yet know the long term usefulness of blogging and other Web2.0 tools, but it’s interesting to explore their use. We still use email, shared network drives, and the University’s course management system to share information, links, resources, and communications. We’re finding that one size does not fit all. Not all of us are equally familiar with or comfortable with certain technologies, and some collaborations and communications are more effective in one venue than another. Experiential learning is difficult for some of us, and others are uncomfortable with relinquishing control over content or timing. Nonetheless, it’s a grand adventure, and one of the many things we are accomplishing together.